Building Winning Interview Skills

Interview Proces

For most private practice positions, interviews take place in three stages:

  • Meet and Greet
  •  Fact Check
  • Money Talk

Stage One | The Meet and Greet

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  • @courtney_post I really appreciate all of these helpful tips in this article, particularly your recommendation on asking the interviewer the goals of the practice and what role you (the interviewee) can play to help achieve the clinics goals and your own professional goals. Thank you so much for this insight!

  • Its a sure fast way to discover whether or not you and the clinic will be aligned in years to come!

  • @courtney_post I really appreciated the “finding common ground” section as someone who struggles with small talk because these few questions seem simple enough to remember to ask during your interview. Thanks for sharing!

  • @courtney_post I really appreciated the step-by-step breakdown of the interview process. We don’t usually get the opportunity to learn about the process in advance and I feel that the knowledge you provided allows for a great way to be prepared in the future. I also found the “common mistakes” section to be very informative. We often forget all of the little things that people pick up on during interviews and conversations.

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