For Students

Hey students, jump on board!

Are you a student that is eager to learn more and experience all that the vet industry has to offer?
Jump on board and explore the student programs we offer at

Monthly On-Campus Meetups

We get it. Learning should be done on your own terms. Develop your understanding of practice ownership with other future veterinary leaders with the Harbor Business Experience! Be a part of the wave of students and veterinary professionals learning key business fundamentals as they progress in their careers in veterinary medicine.

Student Hospital Immersion Program

It’s time to set sail! SHIP is a veterinary learning experience unlike any other designed to expose you to the fundamentals of practice ownership and business leadership through real-world experiences. From hands-on experience in the hospital to dedicated time for learning and development, you’ll get it all in this 10-week immersive program!

On-Campus Student Representative

Being a student Envoy is more than just representing on campus. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience to learn and grow in your understanding of business fundamentals alongside a community of future veterinary leaders. Join a network of students dedicated to changing the future of our profession, become an Envoy!

Two-Year Veterinary Business Fellowship

Graduating vet students, kickstart your career, and begin your journey to practice ownership with Harbor GO! With the profession changing and the business of practice ownership evolving, it’s important for you to take ownership of your future. Start taking your next steps to build a better tomorrow with a true career path to ownership.