It’s Spring. Time For Renewal!

For most of us, the warmer weather and longer days signal a time of renewed energy and enthusiasm that feels more vibrant and fuller of potential. This Spring feels especially opportune coming after a prolonged somber period. Between the heaviness of the pandemic and social unrest, many of us looked forward to putting 2020 behind us. The pandemic, in particular, kept many of us indoors and away from our preferred routines for extended periods, just as harsh winter weather often does.

Now, with the hope provided by vaccines and COVID-19 cases starting to at least head in the right direction, we have more reason to be optimistic as we enter this most uplifting time of year.

In springtime, “flow” is naturally moving in the direction of renewal and rebirth all around us. We can readily choose to wade into the stream and let it carry us. Just as we use this time of year to spruce up our homes and surroundings through spring cleaning rituals, we can focus the clearing and cleansing inward as well. If we wish to do that consciously, the natural steps in the process are:

  1.  Letting go of the old.
  2.  Returning to your root.
  3.  Trusting the process.

Read more about this path to renewal in the latest issue of Today’s Veterinary Business.


  1. I often struggle with “trust the process,” as I often feel I need to control what happens by making plans so I know what to expect next. However, I know I can’t make plans for every thing and I’ve worked on being more ok with the unknown and learning to trust the processes. And just as you can’t live in the future (by trying to plan everything), it’s just as important to let go of the past. Thank you for sharing!

  2. This was an excellent reminder that we need to continue to “trust the process” and let go of the past as we move into this next phase of hopefully returning to normal. As I start my final year of vet school I’m constantly reminding myself that some things are out of our control and that’s okay! Thank you so much for sharing!

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