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Objective: The Emergency Patient. How to stay cool in a crisis and stabilize critical patients in a general practice setting

Michael Factor August 26, 2022

Week Three tackles the challenges associated with the critical patient in a general practice setting.  We will go through how the front office identifies and accepts these patients, associated documentation, triage, resuscitation, minimum data base, advanced diagnostics and procedures.  

– Read: Triage of Emergencies at the Front desk and/or Emergency Treatment Protocol, Univ of Florida

                -Watch: Top Veterinary Emergencies and/or Working Well under Pressure

                -Listen: How to lead in a crisis

-Discuss: In your 1:1 meeting with your Mentor, review and discuss the current emergency protocols of the practice.  How often does the practice ‘re-train’ staff on how to manage the critical patient?  Does the practice have a ‘crash cart/box’?  What are the common drugs and dosages used in patient’s that are experiencing Cardiac arrest, hypovolemic shock, anaphylaxis, Respiratory failure, and status epilepticus. 

-Evaluate:  The extern will demonstrate their knowledge of Emergency procedures by leading a staff ‘refresher’ training in SOPs for the critical patient.   The mentor will evaluate the externs knowledge of the materials, ability to communicate that knowledge, and leadership of the staff.

-Feedback: Mentor and Extern will share at end of Week Three each other’s experiences thus far, give feedback regarding performance, and discuss how to improve or continue to foster each other’s expectations for going forward.