• 7 Lessons

    Harbor Business Experience

    The HBE is THE opportunity for students to learn about the fundamentals of practice ownership and veterinary business leadership. This multifaceted program is conveniently designed to fit into a veterinary student’s schedule, allowing the student to learn on their own terms.  It’s also designed to build a community and help students grow their networks by introducing them to other like-minded veterinary business professionals and business leaders from across the profession.

  • 9 Lessons

    The Suveto EXTERNship Experience (Introduction)

    Each learning module is centered around a Clinical principle that you will use on a daily basis in a general practice setting.  Our team has designated course materials that highlight the key learning points on your chosen subject matter.  At the end of each course module, you will be tested on your ability to retain, comprehend and apply the course objectives to real life case management.   As always, if you need help please reach out to your Mentor or the Externship coordinator for assistance.  Good Luck and enjoy your time with us!

  • 10 Lessons

    The Suveto EXTERNship Experience (Mentor Edition)

    This course will guide your Mentorship team during the The Suveto EXTERNship Experience. Use the lessons here to focus and follow along with your student in their learning objectives.  Find your evaluation forms, tips for discussion and check out what your student is learning outside of the clinic.