Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Objective: Apply the Systemic Approach to Disease Diagnosis

Michael Factor August 24, 2022

This week you will put into action the fundamentals of creating a diagnostic plan based on history, signalment, examination, differential diagnosis, and rule out lists. 

                -Read: Systemic approach to Differential Diagnosis

-Watch: Diagnosis of disease (Dr. John Campbell)  and/or Concept of Animal Disease, Diagnosis, Treatment

                -Listen:  How to Eliminate Self Doubt & The Power of your Unconscious Mind, Peter Sage

-Discuss: Your mentor will select a Medical Case that was seen at your Practice to review that includes History, Signalment, Examination findings, Diagnostic findings, and treatment plan. The Extern will be challenged to use initial findings to create a Diagnostic and treatment plan. 

-Evaluate:  The Mentor will evaluate the Externs ability to correctly diagnose and treat the patient based on the current case understanding. 

-Feedback: Mentor and Extern will share at end of Week One each other’s experiences thus far, give feedback regarding performance, and discuss how to improve or continue to foster each other’s expectations for going forward.