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Harbor GO: Your Next Steps to get GO-ing!

Harbor October 28, 2022


Rob Trimble, DVM:

All right, students, here’s the bottom line. Harbor GO is a program designed to support you financially and to remove the barriers that prevent you from becoming a thriving, well-rounded veterinarian. Moreover, the program gives you a creative space to learn, to grow, to develop all while you practice in the real world. It’s an innovative on-ramp to becoming a successful veterinarian. I think it’s a fast track to practice ownership and it’s also a phenomenal way to build a robust and powerful network.

So if you’re ready to go with Harbor GO, then there are five steps to taking advantage of this awesome program. Step one, complete a short interest form. It’s like four questions super fast. This just gives us your basic information so that we can follow up with you with more detail about the program and to answer any of your questions. Step two, interview. More over interview when it’s convenient for you. We’re making it as easy as possible for you to complete an interview. We know you’re busy.

So we’re using an asynchronous platform called Jobma to make it easy for you to tell us a little bit about yourself. Afterwards, we’ll connect with you for a more focused interview, followed by an official acceptance letter. Well, step three is accepting that acceptance letter, signing it, making it official. This makes it real. This step tells us that you’re serious about the opportunity.

Step four, select your hospital. Once you’ve officially joined the program, we’ll identify and match you to the perfect hospital based on your preferences. Hospital locations exist across the Suveto network and they’re allocated on a first come, first serve basis. And finally, in step five, cash in. As an extra perk, once you join the program, you’re also eligible for a referral bonus.

For any student who you refer who ultimately joins you in the Harbor GO program, you’ll receive a cool $10,000. Sounds like a good post-vet school vacation if you ask me. Hey guys, the program starts in July, 2023. For one thing, this gives you plenty of time to cash in on that special bonus if you act quickly. So join today and let’s get going with Harbor GO.

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