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Harbor GO: Become More Confident in a Real-World Hospital Setting

Harbor October 28, 2022


Heather Loenser, DVM:

Hi everyone. I’m Dr. Heather Loenser. I graduated from Iowa State almost 20 years ago and have been able to serve our profession as a small animal general practitioner, an emergency clinician in multiple specialty hospitals. I’ve also been a communication coach, the Chief Medical Officer at the American Animal Hospital Association, and now the Chief Veterinary Officer here at Suveto.

I had an amazing experience at Iowa State, but when I graduated, I still had so much more to learn, to become confident with real-world cases. I mean, I’d never seen an anal gland abscess. I’d only been peripherally involved with pancreatitis cases and IMHA and trauma and I mean, I really had never done anything with teeth, very minimal dentistry when I was in school.

So fortunately, I had two incredible mentors that were willing to help me and support me develop my confidence in real-world situations, but in the Palace of Truth that was just really only dumb luck that they had the time and the aptitude to be able to help me. With Harbor GO, you don’t have to rely on luck in order to build your clinical confidence. We’re building a curriculum that will help build on what you’ve already learned in school and what your new hospital team is teaching you.

And we’ll be introducing it, the concepts to you every week. Not only will you have access to mentors in Harbor GO, but you’ll be surrounded by peers just like you, interested in business and in becoming amazing doctors. I hope you were lucky enough to surround yourself with like-minded peers in school. But again, no luck needed here. In Harbor GO, we’re building this next group of go-getters so you won’t be alone as we take your business and medical skills to the next level.