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Harbor GO: Invest in Your Veterinary Business Skills

Harbor October 28, 2022


Cat Foret, DVM:

So GO is going to focus on the why. I don’t know if you guys are familiar with kind of what does that mean? The why is why do we get up out of bed? It’s to improve people’s lives via their pet and to really take care of people and pets. And so some of these, and these are just nine simple little blocks. Leadership, training, culture building, right? Culture, super important. Why are we going to work? Some of you like me, I will work in my business sometimes more than I will sleep at my own house.

Understanding team dynamics. So vet schools getting better and better about client expectations and how to communicate with clients, but maybe not so much our actual team, our nurse, the Kennel team member, the front team member, meeting management. On average, we got taught in vet school wellness exam, 30 minutes, in, out, notes done. Move on to the next.

Well, how long should a meeting last? Well, what type of meeting is it? Should you have that meeting weekly? Should you have that meeting every three or four weeks? Those are some of the building blocks that we’re going to give to you. Technology, innovation, financial acumen, impact of cost of goods and inventory.

Some of these words may not make any sense to you. They sure took me a little bit of time, but think you know how to say hyperadrenocorticism and I know how to say Cushing’s. So it’s just some of that vernacular that we want to get you really comfortable with. What is a P&L? What is a declining budget when it comes to your COGS? Some of these things you may not have heard of, EBITDA, there’s a lot, but those are things that will make you a good business person.

Those are a strategic focus. Basically, a big picture that will impact the bottom line and give you the ingredients to really, really run your future. And then that last line is where I get super pumped. Brand and marketing, veterinarians can be cool. Remember, we can be badass. You can have a cool look. You can have a logo and like Suveto. I want that on a hat. I want to wear it. Ian’s wearing my shirt. Not really my shirt, but let’s go. Like we can have fun with Lingo. We don’t have to be as in the box thinkers.

So brand and marketing is awesome. Ideas into action. All of you have ideas. Think about it. Just because you get one disease doesn’t mean we all treat it the same way. It’s a little bit of a chicken soup, but at the end, the goal is to have the pet better. All of you have ideas and can bring them into our network. And when it really comes to ideas that we want to focus on, it’s things that will make you better, make your practice better, make our industry better, and we will give you the tools to turn those into reality.

Gabby, I know is going to speak a little bit about that because she had an idea. And so Suveto said, “Yeah, we need to do that.” Kind of the end is the little gold dust on the chocolate. Ownership spectrum. This is something that having always wanted to be an owner, a quick little moment. So my husband and I bought a one and a half doctor practice with four employees, and within about five years, it grew to about 80 employees and nine doctors.

And to date, we’ve owned it for 13 years and three weeks, and we have 20 doctors, several are specialists, 112 employees, and we’re part of the Suveto network and wouldn’t change our journey for the world. But I want to change your journey. I want to give you the tools to make your journey happen faster, be more profitable, pay off your loans, and go home. Like have fun, work hard, play hard, go home.

And so our goal for you at the end of the day is to master medicine. And at the exact same time, develop you guys as an amazing leader, a trusted person, a great person in your community, and an owner of your future. And so that’s what GO is going to do for you guys.