Ownership and the Earning Potential

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  • That extra earning potential makes ownership or even partial ownership extremely enticing. Thanks for sharing Travis!

  • Jack glad this was insightful…..it is a very exciting time for veterinarians as their are many new models that allow veterinarians to align their personal goals with the right ownership model. I would enjoy discussing this further with you if you are interested please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

  • Hi @travis_york! I have become incredibly interested in practice ownership and find that the extra earning potential makes ownership even more enticing! In your opinion, how long do you suggest practicing post-graduation, before considering ownership?

    • Hi Lauren,
      Great question but there isn’t a stock answer, as you can imagine. Realistically, you want to feel like you have seen just about everything you would expect to encounter as a Vet so that you can be medically sound before you make the leap into practice ownership. To be fair, we are surprised every day, even as tenured veterinarians, by new medical challenges, but you really want to have a strong fluency in your medicine so that when the challenges of ownership are being faced, you are not too strung out with stress from difficult medical cases. I wouldn’t recommend any sooner than 2-4 years out of vet school before becoming a practice owner. I waited 4 years before my first hospital, and I’m glad I did for the medical maturation to take place.

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