The Costs of People

What to Do About It

So where can I find reports on employee costs and how do I track this in my practice? The two most direct sources to access your employee costs are your biweekly and monthly employee payroll reports made available from your payroll provider as well as your profit and loss statement available through your financial advisor. Studying and monitoring your periodic payroll reports allows you to understand the total scope of your employee cost in a normal payroll as well as identify additional costs associated with overtime hours.
Monitoring your profit and loss statement each month will enable you to see if you are keeping your employee costs within your target ranges and budget.
It is vital to monitor employee costs on an ongoing basis. This means reviewing and monitoring every payroll report for every payroll. In addition, it’s important that a practice owner and/or their manager is actively reviewing the aggregate payroll cost on a monthly basis to ensure that they are staying within budget of the hospital. Actively maintaining and managing employee costs is one of the most important actions to ensure profitability within practice and failing to actively manage these costs is one of the quickest path for practice to find their way into a cash flow crunch.



  1. It was interesting to see the statistics on total employee compensation, especially related to gross revenue. I will definitely be utilizing these tools and keeping this in mind once I start practicing.

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