Leaders and People Who Lead

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  • Thanks for sharing Dr. Pope! Learning about these different styles of leadership and when they are most and least effective was really interesting.

  • This was very informative! My best work environment was when the doctors and management thought as “we” and asked how they can help the technicians learn and improve. Being a leader helps foster a positive experience for staff, which in my experience, has helped them want to learn and improve – allowing for improved patient care and less staff turnover.

  • Learning about different leadership styles was very insightful! I was unaware of how many different ways there were to effectively lead. I have worked in a practice where the leadership was control freak/high-paced and it hurt my self-confidence and the office morale. I agree that the best leaders encourage their staff and coach them to do improve, which in my opinion made people want to work harder and learn more.
    This was a great explanation of various leadership styles and the pros and cons that accompany them!

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