How to Identify a Great Future Leader

Leading Through Influence

In order for any practice to get stronger, it needs to continuously develop leaders. The future of the organization depends on its ability to either create or recruit leaders who can help it grow. The leaders in an organization are its future. They are responsible for creating the culture, establishing direction, and effectively engaging employees to move in that direction.

Leaders are also charged with creating the strategy for developing additional leaders so that the future of the practice is secure, not just the present. Some veterinary practices may have formal leader development programs, some have informal ones, and some, sadly, just hope that leader development happens on its own. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case.

What most hospitals have in common though, is that they need to be able to recognize early on who has the potential to lead at a higher level. Otherwise they miss opportunities to help those future leaders grow, develop, and achieve their full potential in order to help the practice accomplish all that it can. Everything about leadership can be taught and learned. However, it makes sense to look for people who are already heading in the right direction and show leadership qualities and traits. Here are some guidelines to help you determine who has the potential to be a great leader.

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  • Thank you for sharing this Randy! I never thought of how just rephrasing questions can help receive honest input from the entire team.

  • Thanks Jack. Questions can open a lot of doors for us that we often leave closed or make assumptions about. If there was one tool that I have seen great leaders use consistently it is questions.

  • Good stuff Randy! And I would add that, in today’s VUCA world, the challenge is not just to develop a handful of key leaders but to develop leadership as a collective capacity that is shared by everyone in the practice. Either way, it certainly requires intentionality on the part of the practice’s current positional leaders.

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