Leaders in Training

Let's Get LIT!

Leaders are supposed to be the ones who know and show the way to a better future, but how do you do that well if you’re still “leading” in the ways of the past? If you’re a veterinary student wanting to learn valuable leadership skills, start your journey with Leaders In Training (or LIT), a topical exploration of the vast terrain of leadership led by Dr. Rob Trimble and Dr. Jeff Thoren.

You’ll be immersed in monthly conversations focused on themes like effective communication, building extraordinary teams, developing leaders, and much more. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to become the next generation of veterinary leaders.

Embark on your exploration of what the future of leadership in veterinary medicine looks like.

Leaders in Training (LIT) is a topical exploration of the vast terrain of leadership through the metaphorical lens of mountain climbing facilitated by two enthusiastic sherpas, Drs. Jeff Thoren and Rob Trimble. The program will consist of monthly 75-minute Zoom calls with topics that are connected to four rotating themes:

  • Purpose/Wholeness/Wellbeing
  • The Foundational Improv Principle of “Yes, And…”
  • Psychological Safety & Extraordinary Teams
  • Facilitative Leadership & Coaching Skills

Get to know the Sherpas

Jeff Thoren, DVM, PCC, BCC

Jeff Thoren is the founder of Gifted Leaders, LLC, an established executive and team coaching company based in Phoenix, AZ, serving clients nationwide. He’s also the Clinical Assistant Professor of Veterinary Communication at Midwestern University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and a founding member of both the Extraordinary Teams Partnership and the Enlightened Rebel Alliance.
Jeff is committed to building engaging and innovative workplace cultures, and is now serving as a collaborator on Harbor.vet’s Leaders in Training program to guide the next generation of leaders in veterinary medicine.

Rob Trimble, DVM 

Dr. Rob Trimble is a future-focused veterinarian and entrepreneur with a passion for innovating at the intersection of medicine, technology, and organizational design. A co-founder of Fuzzy and former Executive Director for the Veterinary Entrepreneurship Academy, Dr. Trimble is committed to sharing his entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen with others in the industry, starting with veterinary students.

Through Harbor.vet, Dr. Trimble looks to continue building positive communities that attract and inspire veterinarians to own their future.