Challenges with implementing telehealth


The biggest challenge is moving from offering the services for free to making it into a profit center.  For Tele-health to be most effective, there will be a learning curve for the staff and clients and there is need for higher levels of communication initially until it becomes a common service and until the clients fully appreciate it as an option.

Dr. Peter Weinstein


Having good enough WiFi outside in our parking lot, or for clients in rural areas, and clients requesting the correct doctor.  The app we used updated several times so re-educating staff multiple times to be able to help clients has also been a challenge.

Dr. Catherine Foret


Clearly defining for our staff and communicating to our clients what can be seen and satisfied with a telehealth consult has been one challenge.  Also simply doing the due diligence and researching which platform/model works best for what we want to accomplish took a lot of work during a time that we were making several policy changes due to COVID-19.

Dr. Nick Pope


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