East El Paso Animal Hospital
El Paso TX
Cat Friendly Clinic
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Practice History

We have a multi-doctor practice that practices high quality medicine. Our facility was recently rebuilt and is the nicest in El Paso and possibly the southwest. We do endoscopy, ultrasound, laser surgery and treatment, have digital dental and regular radiography, have an in house lab that we can run basic lab work along with TSH, T4, cortisol, bile acids, PT, PTT and blood typing. We also have a CT scanner that greatly improves our imaging skills. Our doctors work a four day work week.  We have a very good relationship among all the doctors and the lay staff which include several LVTs. You can get a visual on the clinic by going to YouTube and typing in East El Paso Animal Hospital.


Type of Practice: General - Small Animal

Structure of Ownership: Privately owned. One owner.

Number of employees: 35

Number of FTE doctors: 7

In house hospitalization: yes

In house diagnostics:
CBC: yes
Chemistry Analyzer: yes
Electrolytes: yes
Urine: yes
Snap Reader: no
ECG: no
Telemedicine (Cardiology): yes
Digital Radiography: yes
Telemedicine (Radiology Interpretation): yes
Ultrasound: yes

Day time emergencies: yes

After hour emergencies: no

Client communication technologies (email, text, etc.):

Frequency of staff interaction (staff training & meetings):

Continuing Education philosophies:

Inside the Hospital


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