Cummings Veterinary Hospital
Easton PA
AAHA Accredited
Cat Friendly Clinic
Hospital Mission Statement

Practice History & Profile

Practice History

Built in 2004, Cummings Veterinary Hospital is led by owner Dr. Clifford Cummings, who has almost 50 years of experience in veterinary medicine. With over 12,000 square feet dedicated to animal medicine, the hospital dedicates itself to cutting edge, compassionate, care. The hospital has six associate veterinarians and a highly skilled and dedicated support team. Many members of the team have been working together for decades.



Type of Practice: General - Small Animal

Number of FTE doctors: 6

How long are appointment times?: 30 minutes

In house hospitalization: yes

In house diagnostics:
Chemistry Analyzer: yes
Electrolytes: yes
Urine: yes
Snap Reader: no
ECG: yes
Telemedicine (Cardiology): no
Digital Radiography: yes
Telemedicine (Radiology Interpretation): no
Ultrasound: yes

Day time emergencies: yes

After hour emergencies: no

Frequency of staff interaction (staff training & meetings):

Continuing Education philosophies:

Client communication technologies (email, text, etc.):

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