Conrad Weiser Animal Hospital
Womelsdorf PA

105 N. 3rd Street
Womelsdorf, PA 19567

AAHA Accredited
Cat Friendly Clinic
Hospital Mission Statement
Where big city medicine and surgery meet small town customer service and value.
Michael Comalli
Michael Comalli, VMD
Practice History & Profile
Inside the Hospital

Practice History & Profile

Practice History

We are a private, AAHA certified, companion animal practice.  We have 2 veterinarians and am looking to hire a 3rd or 4th associate.  Our success is brought about by treating every client, and their pet, as if they were out family.  By treating their pet the best way we know how, we insure client satisfaction.  Our free standing hospital is very clean and odor free.

"Excellence in Pet Care"

Type of Practice: General - Small Animal

Nummber of support staff per Dr.: 4

In house hospitalization: yes

In house diagnostics:
Chemistry Analyzer: no
Electrolytes: no
Urine: yes
Snap Reader: yes
ECG: yes
Telemedicine (Cardiology): yes
Digital Radiography: yes
Telemedicine (Radiology Interpretation): yes
Ultrasound: yes

Day time emergencies: yes

After hour emergencies: no

Frequency of staff interaction (staff training & meetings): Biweekly staff meetings

Continuing Education philosophies: Everyone needs to maintain their licenses and improve their client and pet care through continuing education courses.

Client communication technologies (email, text, etc.):

Inside the Hospital

Future Growth Plans

We are looking to hire another veterinarian and expand our appointment hours to better serve our clients.

What sets you apart from your competition?

We treat our clients as if they are our friends or family. Many of our clients call us by our first name (Dr. Mike, etc) out of familiarity. We are well respected In the community.

Scope of Service

All medical cases. Most soft tissue surgeries. Many orthopedic surgeries. Dental surgeries including whole mouth extractions.

Community Service Initiatives

One of the owners is a member of the local Lions Club and is active in the community.


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