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Objective: Review the Wellness Visit, an under-rated opportunity for bonding with clients

Michael Factor August 26, 2022

It’s not just vaccines, a ‘Whole Patient’ approach to the wellness visit.  

– Read: What wellness plans do for your practice

                -Watch: In the Exam Room: Preventative Care Visits  and  The Wellness Visit by Dr. Factor

-Discuss:  Review the CORE vaccination and Preventatives that the Hospital promotes to its clients.  Why did your practice choose to include or not include certain available vaccines and preventatives?  

-Evaluate:  The mentor will evaluate the externs knowledge of all Vaccines and Preventatives carried in the hospital.   This will include: manufacturer, name of vaccine/medication, potential adverse reactions/side effects, how to apply or correctly give, frequency of application of preventatives and finally vaccination schedules for the neonatal/juvenile patient.  

-Feedback: Mentor and Extern will share at end of Week Five each other’s experiences thus far, give feedback regarding performance, and discuss how to improve or continue to foster each other’s expectations for going forward.