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Objective: Learn and Apply Basic Surgical Skills to common Veterinary surgical Procedures

Michael Factor August 26, 2022

In Week Two, you will learn how to perform one of the three most common surgical procedures in private practice: Ovariohysterectomy (Ovariectomy), Neuter, or Mass excision.   (NOTE: if a ‘LIVE’ surgery is not possible or available, the Mentor will supply the student with either a Cadaver or Digital substitution) 

                – Read: Performing an ovariectomy in dogs and cats

                -Watch: Ovariohysterectomy Dr. B. Brisson(University of Guelph)  How to prepare for surgery

                -Listen: Avoiding Surgical Complications

                -Read:  Fundamentals of Surgical Oncology in Small Animals

                -Click: Quizlet Surgery Flash Cards

-Discuss: with your Mentor how to apply the basics of these soft tissue surgeries to every soft tissue procedure you will encounter in a general practice setting, no matter how complicated the procedure may seem.

-Evaluate: your Mentor will evaluate your selected procedure based on knowledge of aseptic technique, Instrumentation, tissue handling, anatomical approach, knowledge of procedure step by step, suture selection, ligation, and closure/tissue apposition.

-Feedback: Mentor and Extern will share at end of Week Two each other’s experiences thus far, give feedback regarding performance, and discuss how to improve or continue to foster each other’s expectations for going forward.