Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Objective: Leading a support staff team

Michael Factor August 26, 2022

Being a leader is more than getting others to follow.  Learn the basics of great Leadership even when you may not be the most experienced person in the room.   

– Read: How to build an effective Team in the Healthcare setting and Servant Leadership

                -Watch: How to be a leader, motivational speech from Simon Sinek

                -Read: How to be an effective leader when your team is more experienced

-Discuss: Describe to your mentor a time in your life that you LEAD a group of individuals and How that experience made you more cautious or emboldened you as a Professional.

-Evaluate: The Mentor will evaluate the ability of the extern to Lead a team in Case management.   Does the Extern effectively delegate, communicate, and collaborate with support staff members?  

-Feedback: Mentor and Extern will share at end of Week Four each other’s experiences thus far, give feedback regarding performance, and discuss how to improve or continue to foster each other’s expectations for going forward.