Re-Imagining Practice Ownership

Who wants to be a practice owner? I often ask this question to my veterinary student classes. To no surprise, roughly 20% of the class raises their hand. This number is not much different from the survey of veterinarians AVMA performed in 2016 which revealed 25% of those surveyed were owners and 58% had no plans to become an owner.

It makes sense. The dream many veterinarians had since they were three feet tall encompassed treating animals not managing people, fixing the water heater when it breaks or searching for the wisdom in financial statements. Add to that a large student debt burden and no training or mentorship in business, and the thought of becoming an owner seems even more far fetched. But does walking away from ownership really make sense?

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  • I really appreciated learning about the “spectrum of ownership”. I have become increasingly interested in practice ownership throughout veterinary school, and especially so after participating in Harbor’s Business Internship. This discussion really made me realize that I need to sit down and decide what I want to accomplish through ownership and I appreciate the resources you provided to help with those deciding factors. Thank you!

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