Allegheny Equine Veterinary Services
Elkins WV

1605 Parsons Road
Elkins, WV 26241

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Hospital Mission Statement
It is our goal to provide excellent veterinary care to every patient with compassion, dedication, and personalized service. We are committed to practicing evidence-based medicine and educating our clients on the latest advancements in our field to help our patients live long healthy lives.
Practice History & Profile
Inside the Hospital

Practice History & Profile

Practice History

The practice started in 2005 as an ambulatory only service and in 2015 opened a 5000 square foot hospital.  The 5 year old facility has had extensive expansions every year since opening.  The hospital has state of the art cloud software with online appointment capabilities and telemedicine capabilities, extensive in-house labs (Abaxis & Heska, including on site cortisol testing for ACTH stim and Dex suppression testing, progesterone, bile acids, Thyroid panels, clotting profiles), and well trained staff including one RVT. The small animal hospital features, new dental x-ray, new anaesthesia monitors (including capnography) and dental station!  The large animal hospital comes complete with padded recovery stall, stocks, ICU stalls, heated treatment area, paddocks and a separate treatment barn.   The practice is equipped with digital x-ray, 2 digital ultrasounds, endoscopy, surgery laser, therapy laser, tonometry, advanced dentistry equipment, irap/prp, and capnography.  Laparoscopy is available for advanced breeding techniques and could be used for additional surgical services in both small and large animal.


We pride ourselves on combining high quality medicine with concierge level service.  Annual exams are a standard and help us build long lasting relationships with our clients.  The practice has a great reputation for excellent medicine and we often see small animal referrals from neighboring clinics with large animal clients travel from a two-hour radius.  Two ambulatory vehicles are available for farm calls.


Appointments for both the large and small animal patients are Monday – Friday.  Emergency service is offered to our regular clients, but don’t let that scare you!


Support staff includes, a large animal coordinator and practice manager (with the practice 14 years) and two receptionists.  Five excellent technicians are available to assist with small and large animal in-clinic cases.  We are a growing practice and have established excellent training programs and hospital protocols for both the large animal and small animal staff.  All staff members have required continuing education and we have an excellent staff retention rate.


Type of Practice: General - Mixed Animal

Structure of Ownership: Privately owned by Dr. Walker

Number of employees: 12

Number of FTE doctors: 2

How long are appointment times?: 15 min to 1 hour or more depending on case.

How many doctors are on shift at one time?: 2

Nummber of support staff per Dr.: 4

In house hospitalization: yes

In house diagnostics:
Chemistry Analyzer: yes
Electrolytes: yes
Urine: yes
Snap Reader: yes
ECG: yes
Telemedicine (Cardiology): yes
Digital Radiography: yes
Telemedicine (Radiology Interpretation): yes
Ultrasound: yes

Day time emergencies: yes

After hour emergencies: yes

Frequency of staff interaction (staff training & meetings): From April to June we meet infrequently but attempt monthly. Remainder of the year is a minimum of monthly. In the winter we often schedule weekly to bi-weekly educational luncheons.

Continuing Education philosophies: Never stop learning! Practice owner recently boarded via ABVP. All staff (even lay staff and receptionists) are REQUIRED to participate in a certain number of hours of CE. Staff currently pursuing technician degrees are encouraged to study even while being paid during slow times.

Client communication technologies (email, text, etc.):
scheduling through website, text, phone, & email

Inside the Hospital

Future Growth Plans

Plan to purchase adjacent 6000 square foot building to expand. Build a cattle haul-in facility. Since 2015, we have re-invested approximately $100,000 each year for equipment, remodeling, upgrading etc. Plan to expand equipment for small animal orthopedic bone plating.

What sets you apart from your competition?

Everything! No, really.  We are super thorough. We often receive referrals from other veterinary practices in the area.  We serve as a secondary referral hospital for equine services.  Owner is the only practicing veterinary specialist in the state!  We also see emergencies for our clients only.   We are the only hospital in several hours that offers this service.  Clients appreciate it and associates are paid very well to serve them.

Scope of Service

Preventative care to complicated surgery cases. Assisted reproductive techniques (small animal, large animal and equine), oncology/chemotherapy, sport horse lameness, endoscopy.

Specialty and/or Unique Services

Sport horse lameness Regenerative medicine Assisted reproductive techniques Advanced surgery (liver lobectomy, cranial cruciate, equine cryptorchid, bovine c-section)

Community Service Initiatives

Our veterinarians are extremely active in the community.   Dr. Walker has served on the 4H board for over ten years.  Both veterinarians donate many hours each year to teaching 4H and FFA students.  The hospital is also a huge supporter of local humane societies, often volunteering services.

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