Webinar Recording – Accessing Government Supported Loans – COVID 19

As promised, here are the recordings from today’s webinar.   If you have any additional questions, you can send an email to careshelp@calicofinancial.com or you can send me a message via Harbor.

I apologize for the technical difficulties that resulted in the webinar being split into 2 recordings.

Part 1 – https://zoom.us/rec/share/vJJWE77w5khLR53V90jhY6szQJXHT6a81HQc-PsFxRqHSNiRG-PpkJdp4uOc0hud?startTime=1586879830000

Part 2 – https://zoom.us/rec/share/5-F4EqzQ6UhOfZHgt2DOSrwjP9TlX6a8hyFP8vYFzgiQ5GO0uFGE5ysL_j0kDso?startTime=1586881994000

Stay well, stay healthy.


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