AVMA Economic Summit Stirs Questions

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  • Hi Travis! I was also just at the AVMA Economic Summit, it was definitely an enlightening experience. I am curious what aspects of the discussion you did not agree with?

  • Wow! Such a great question and a can of worms at that. I think there is a big issue that is being missed right now and that is the number of veterinarians leaving the profession early. There is some very good research when veterinarians come in to the workforce (starting salaries, debt), there is data on professional fulfillment, and then there is data on age based factors and assumptions about veterinarians leaving the workforce. I work for the Vetalytix Initiative that tracks the industry growth and companion animal has seen a steady annual growth of around 5% volume growth for the past three years – yet we are in one of the worst employee shortages seen to date. If the new graduate numbers are steadily increasing, and the industry is growing at a consistent rate, yet we are still in a critical professional shortage, it begs the question – where are all of our colleagues going?

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